NEWS: Cherym share video for ‘Listening To My Head’!

Credit: Promo

Northern Irish trio Cherym have shared a video for ‘Listening To My Head’, the band’s recently released single.

Directed by Tomala White, the video was filmed on the outskirts of Derry and is inspired by the Netflix series Dirty John.

Here’s what the band had to say of it.

“The music video for Listening To My Head is a full on 5 star drama about Betty Broderick being mentally tortured by her lying, cheating husband of 20 years (Dan Broderick) until she one day snaps and murders Dan and his lover in cold blood… except we play all the characters, and have funny wigs to match.

Of course, we don’t condone murder (!!!!!) but felt Betty’s story was one that needed to be told.”

You can check out ‘Listening To My Head’ and its video below.