NEWS: Charlie Simpson confirms Fightstar isn’t dead; writing new material!

Credit: Promo

After confirming that he had re-joined British pop-rock outfit Busted in 2015, whom he left in 2005, vocalist/guitarist Charlie Simpson had put Fightstar to one side, a project he’d focused on over those ten years.

Though there was no official word on the future of Fightstar at that point, who only a few months prior released their crowdfunded fourth record, ‘Behind The Devil’s Back’, fans assumed that the post-hardcore band had been put to bed indefinitely.

However, Simpson has confirmed in a recent interview that not only is Fightstar returning to the forefront still on the cards, but he has also confessed that he’s recently been writing some new material for the project too.

Simpson shared this news in a recent interview with Sappenin’ Podcast With Sean Smith, in which he shares that he’s recently putting down some new riffs.

You can read an excerpt of what Simpson had to say about the foreseeable future of Fightstar below.

“I have done a couple of writing sessions already. I wrote a song the other day actually which I quite like, but I’m not a fan of doing different things at the same time. I feel like you need to focus on one project at a time to give it your full focus, but we will definitely do stuff with Fightstar again.

The Busted boys, we’ve all been quite open about the fact that, you know, we love doing this but that there will definitely be times where we take time out to do other projects. Matt likes doing his acting stuff, and James is doing his musicals, so there’ll be a point where we say ‘look, guys, let’s take a break and do other stuff’, but I can’t put an exact time limit on that at the moment. But, you know, yeah, whenever I get a guitar in my hand – especially a 7-string – the riffs start to come out.”

As stated above, it’s uncertain when we’ll be hearing any new material from Fightstar, or how much material Simpson has written for that project at this time.

You can listen to the full interview on Acast and Spotify.