NEWS: Chapter And Verse release new song, ‘After Midnight’!

Credit: Carla Mundy

British quintet Chapter And Verse have just released a new song called ‘After Midnight’, the second offering of new material to come so far this year.

Guitarist Ash Morton had this to say of the track.

“Musically, ‘After Midnight’ is one of our more guitar-driven songs. Josh [Carter, vocals] and I had a lot of fun playing with diverse tones and I think that variation keeps it interesting. There’s also some subtle pop production in there which hopefully people will start to hear after repeat listens. But overall it’s a big old rock song and we can’t wait to deafen you with it at a live show!”

You can stream and listen to ‘After Midnight’ below.

A video for the track is expected to follow on July 13th 2021.