NEWS: Carnifex mad at Virgin Trains due to use of their song in an advert!

Last week, British train operators Virgin Trains started to broadcast a new advert, in which they portray two very different journeys to work; one which goes without a hitch all thanks to them opting to take a trusty Virgin Train (obviously), and the other being an absolute catastrophe because they didn’t.

For the person taking a lovely, easy, and stress-free train ride, Virgin Trains equates it to listening to British synth-pop outfit, Spandau Ballet. For the absolute hell of a day resulting in constant misery and complete disaster, Virgin Trains compare it to the sounds of Carnifex‘s track, ‘Answers In Mourning’.

You can take a look at the advert in question below.

A few days following the advert’s debut, it seems like the Californian deathcore outfit were made aware of their feature and were none the wiser of it being included, and seemingly weren’t once consulted about the decision and haven’t received any payment for the appearance.

The song, ‘Answers In Mourning’, featured on the band’s 2008 full-length release, ‘The Diseased And The Poisoned’, which was put out through the band’s previous label home Victory Records whom they left back in 2011.

If you fancy listening to the song in full, and checking out its video whilst you’re at it, well, here you go.

Where the error in the band not receiving payment lies isn’t entirely clear at this point. Assuming Virgin Trains have indeed acquired the required permissions and rights to use the song, it’s entirely possible that the royalties are heading to the band’s former label as opposed to them, and by extension it may well be them who granted the necessary consent and permission for its use in the ad.

It’s likely that the band aren’t only upset about the lack of payment for being a part of the advert, but also because their part on the advert essentially mocks and plays on the stereotype of heavy music in general, that it all revolves solely on anger, loathing, misery, and horrible times. It probably doesn’t help that they’re incorrectly classing it as thrash metal either.

Well, at least they’re not implying that it’s evil, satanic, and “just noise” though… right?