NEWS: Canvas announce indefinite hiatus!

Credit: Bethan Miller

Although seemingly never not on the road following their release of their full-length album ‘Worry’ in October of last year, British emotive post-hardcore/melodic hardcore unit Canvas have announced their decision to go an indefinite hiatus.

The band confirmed the news through a statement issued online earlier today, in which they state they collectively they have “decided to put Canvas on hold for the foreseeable future” but assure fans that “this doesn’t mean it’s the end.”

You can read the band’s full statement regarding their decision to part ways below.

“Hey guys,

Over the last few weeks we have met up on several occasions and have decided to put Canvas on hold for the foreseeable future.

This isn’t a decision any of us have taken lightly.

We have worked for years crafting something that has enabled us to travel thousands of miles, meet amazing people and all the while, go through this journey with our best friends.

This to all of us, is a life-long dream come true, and something we will take with us for the rest of our lives. With that being said, the truth is, for anyone that isn’t in a band, it’s hard!

Over the last 6 years, all of us have had to sacrifice a hell of a lot to support our love of creating and performing music. Like any passion project, you are willing to do anything to help it grow and push it as far as possible. It has now unfortunately reached a point where we need to take time out to focus on our own personal goals and aspirations.

We are immensely proud of what we have achieved with this band. We have done everything our way, we have had no hand outs and have kept everything completely true to how we believe bands should function. To the few that we let in, you have supported us wherever needed and have had faith in us to take this band in whichever direction we saw fit. We thank you and we will always be immensely grateful. You all know who you are!

Over everything and most importantly, we want to thank anyone who has ever given us a room to play in, sofa to sleep on, everyone who attended shows and continued to come back and all the friends we have made a long the way. You’ve all allowed us to have some of the best years of our lives. Thank you.

While we currently have no plans to play any more shows, this doesn’t mean it’s the end. For now a brief pause. We all love creating music, maybe something will come out of this.

It’s been a trip.

All of our love,


The band’s latest studio album, ‘Worry’, is available now through Basick Records.