NEWS: Cane Hill’s tour van broken into in France!

Credit: Promo

Whilst touring across France over the weekend, Cane Hill unfortunately had their tour van broken into and some possessions and money was stolen as a result.

Though none of the band’s personal possessions were taken in the robbery, unfortunately that of their driver Tomasz Dobija-Dziubczyński was.

They released a short post on their socials explaining the situation, which you can read below.

“Last night our van was broken into while we slept at a gas station in France. Fortunately, none of our (the band’s) personal items were taken. Instead, our driver/merch manager/friend had his wallet and other personal items taken from him and him alone.

Tomasz is one of the hardest working people Cane Hill has ever employed and didn’t deserve this.

We’re asking for everyone’s help, from the kindness of your hearts, to get Tomasz back on his feet.”

The band have since set up a GoFundMe (here) for those who wish to donate and help him recuperate his losses.