NEWS: Bury Tomorrow to release new album in 2020!

Credit: Promo

Southampton’s Bury Tomorrow will wrap up the cycle of their fifth album, ‘Black Flame’, with a bunch of shows in the UK and mainland Europe at the end of the year, where they’ll perform it in full.

However, it looks like the metalcore outfit are already deep into putting together its follow-up from what guitarist/vocalist Jason Cameron has shared on Instagram.

In a Q&A session via his personal account, a fan asked if we’ll see a new album in 2020 to which he said yes, and to a later question he expanded to say it’d have more than 10 tracks to it.

You can see screenshots of these confirmations below.

Other than this, of course, there are no further details of what we can expect from the forthcoming record, or indeed when.

More news will be confirmed as it develops.