NEWS: ‘Building Blocks: Volume Five’ compilation album out now!

Today’s the big day. Our fifth annual compilation album, ‘Building Blocks: Volume Five’, is available to download now on a pay-what-you-want basis, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK – the world’s largest independent cancer research charity. The tracklisting includes a variety of names in the alternative music scene, including Tellison, Lock & Key, Casey, Empires Fade, Leopards, and more.

You can head on over to our BandCamp profile (here) to stream and/or download the release in full.

If you wish to download the album for free, go right ahead and enjoy the music. Any donations at all (even just £1.00) would be hugely appreciated and, even if the release doesn’t float your boat at all, any spreading awareness of the release and cause would be more than enough for us.

We’d like to offer a massive thanks to all of the bands, labels, managers, publicists, and all other respective parties for their track contributions to this year’s release, along with the team at Cancer Research UK for their help.

Along with this, we’d like to thank Daniel Holub (of Make North) for all artwork towards the release and its promotion.

Let us know what you think of the album, your favourite track and anything else in the comments below!

Thank you everyone! Here’s to the future!