NEWS: ‘Building Blocks: Volume Five’ birthday compilation, out September 4th 2015!

So, today is a big day for us as it’s our 5th anniversary (or, birthday) as a site. With that in mind, we wanted to do something special like every year, and release another compilation album to help spread the word of some of the best up-and-coming talent out there today!

We’re excited to confirm the release of ‘Building Blocks: Volume Five’ on September 4th 2015, which will be made available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. All profits made by paying downloaders will be donated to the great organisation Cancer Research UK – the world’s largest independent cancer research charity.

The tracklisting of 40 tracks this year is split into two. The first half (tracks 1-20) are more of the lighter side, focusing on pop-rock, alt rock, indie and funk rock bands, whilst the second half (tracks 21-40) are more of the heavy territory, championing metal, hardcore, post-hardcore and similar acts.

01.) Tellison – ‘Tact Is Dead’
02.) Youth Salute – ‘Blood’
03.) Elasea – ‘Lost In The Dark’
04.) Hill Valley High – ‘Why Wait? (feat. VIX)’
05.) Leopards – ‘April’
06.) Future Talk – ‘Sleeping Pills’
07.) Ryan Hamilton – ‘Medicine’
08.) The Worldonfire – ‘Did You Get It?’
09.) dirt – ‘Fade’
10.) F·O·E·S – ‘Rival Thrones’
11.) Echoic – ‘Burn’
12.) Fizzy Blood – ‘Black Sheep’
13.) Eva Plays Dead – ‘Live Again’
14.) The Sun Explodes – ‘The Unnatural’
15.) Neshiima – ‘Become The Ocean’
16.) Dear America – ‘Common Bridges’
17.) Defences – ‘Grow’
18.) God Damn – ‘Maladie Melodie’
19.) Dirty Vertebrae – ‘We Do What We Want’
20.) Shakedown Stockholm – ‘Nothing Like Abel’

01.) Casey – ‘Fade’
02.) Vera Grace – ’12/04′
03.) Empires Fade – ‘The Edge Of Existence’
04.) Sleepless – ‘All We Know’
05.) Red Seas Fire – ‘Blood Bank’
06.) In Archives – ‘Misery’
07.) Pulo Revé – ‘And There Lies His’
08.) Lock & Key – ‘The Legacy’
09.) Bearing Loss – ‘Strive & Believe’
10.) TRC – ‘Same. But Better.’
11.) This Is Turin – ‘Revelation 23:1’
12.) Chainsaw Castration – ‘Enucleation Euphoria’
13.) An Elegy – ‘Ghost’
14.) ShotsFired – ‘Lion’s Den’
15.) Heritage – ‘Bitter’
16.) Perception – ‘Heartburn’
17.) Tussk – ‘Missionary Impossible’
18.) The Bastard Sons – ‘A Lie Is A Lie’
19.) Explosive Decoy Humans – ‘The Weight Of An Ocean’
20.) Artemis – ‘Dark Passenger’

All artwork for the release was created by Make North (Daniel Holub), so make sure you check him and his work out too. A portfolio can be found here.

If you can help by taking a few seconds to share this, that’d be appreciated by everyone involved. Even if you have no interest in the release, every little helps with gaining even the littlest of donations and spreading the word of an array of bands who are up for making a difference.

Thanks to everyone for the past five years, both anyone who has contributed content past or present, all of the bands who have helped spread our name, all of the labels, PRs, managers and everyone else in the business who’ve been in touch, and especially you the readers for taking an interest in what we have to share and say about music.

Here’s to another 5+ years of DEAD PRESS!