NEWS: Bruce Dickinson reveals plans for a new solo album!

Bruce Dickinson, the frontman of legendary UK metal artists Iron Maiden, has announced that he is halfway through writing his seventh solo album. He has hinted at continuing the writing process while warming up for Maiden’s world tour promoting their new record ‘The Book Of Souls’, and you can read a statement from the singer below:

‘I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some sensible rehearsals. I may even sneak off and do some solo song writing because I’ve got half of an album on the blocks.

‘If Eternity Should Fail’ was originally intended as one of its tracks. But it could be a cool, relatively unchallenging way of pre-warming up the voice before I go into Maiden rehearsals. So making some noise that way first could be a possibility’.

Iron Maiden will embark on the aforementioned tour next year including headlining Download Festival in June – their only scheduled UK appearance of 2016.