NEWS: Brokencyde reveal new album cover and tracklisting!

Crunkcore pioneers Brokencyde have revealed the cover artwork and full tracklisting for their forthcoming album, confidently titled ‘Will Never Die’. The album is due for release on November 9th 2010.

01.) Epic Intro
02.) Dis Iz A Rager Dude
03.) Always Go Hard
04.) SHAKE!
05.) Whatcha Want
06.) T.M.H.T.S. Lesson 1 (Skit)
07.) Teach Me How To Scream
08.) Money Hungry Hoe
09.) High Timez (feat. Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings)
10.) Where We @? (Skit)
11.) Da House Party
12.) My Gurl
13.) Kama Sutra
14.) Ugly Bitch With A Mustache (Skit)
15.) Goose Gogglez
16.) U Ain’t Crunk
17.) Ride Slow
18.) Sunshine