NEWS: Brokencyde detail fourth LP, ‘All Grown Up’, out February 14th 2016!

Despite a flop of an Indiegogo campaign last year to help crowdfund their new album, New Mexico based crunkcore opinion splitters Brokencyde have confirmed details of their forthcoming full-length effort, ‘All Grown Up’, which is set for release on February 14th 2016. You can check out the album’s artwork, full track listing, several track streams, and a pre-order link below:

01.) Floozy Season
02.) I’m Broken
03.) Los Locos (Skit)
04.) Los Locos [stream]
05.) Fucked Up! (feat. Jay Kelly) [stream]
06.) Kandyland 2.0 [stream]
07.) I Hate You
08.) Bad Onez (feat. Nathan Ryan)
09.) Fire
10.) Vamanos
11.) Fuck That (Skit)
12.) Fuck That (feat. Deuce) [stream]
13.) Trick Or Treat?
14.) Roller Coaster
15.) Dance Off [stream]
16.) 1Up
17.) Fee Fi Fo Fum (feat. C4mula) [stream]
18.) Purplez Delight
19.) Geronimo
20.) Sun Glasses
21.) Lost In Forever
22.) I Hate You (Sicktanick Remix)
23.) Trick Or Treat? (Bruno Alison Remix)

You can pre-order the album digitally now from iTunes (here).