NEWS: Brojob release new song, ‘The Incel Anthem’!

Credit: Promo

Brojob, the toxic masculinity attacking metalcore outfit, have released a new song called ‘The Incel Anthem’.

As the song title suggests, and as the band have also explained, the track mocks the incel community and mentality.

“It’s time we talk about some serious shit. The amount of dudes who can’t take a hint is too damn high. Stop being a creep. Only send dick pics only when they’re solicited. Our inbox is always open, like our butt cheeks.”

You can check out ‘The Incel Anthem’ and its accompanying video below.

The band’s second album, ‘The Heaviest Album Of All Time’, is out on July 23rd 2021 via Hollowed Records.

You can pre-order the album online via the label’s official webstore (here).

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