NEWS: Bring Me The Horizon tease three unreleased songs!

Credit: Promo

It was only a few months ago that Bring Me The Horizon released their eagerly-awaited and opinion polarising sixth studio album, ‘amo’, but it seems that more material is yet to come.

The Grammy-nominated outfit have recently teased a total of three different songs, seemingly in a demo stage as opposed to a finalised studio product, which could well be released a little later this year.

One of the songs is called ‘You’re My Only Destiny’, which they teased a short clip of via Twitter.

‘You’re My Only Destiny’ happens to be a track that has been tucked away in Bring Me The Horizon‘s vault for a few years now, with a rougher and more raw version of the song being used in an online advert (here) for frontman Oliver Sykes‘ clothing company, Drop Dead Clothing, back in 2016.

Another track was also recently teased via Instagram, titled ‘Happysad’.

The third of the three teased track snippets is called ‘Feels Alright Underground’, and that was also shared via Instagram.

In regards to when and how we may hear the full songs in a more official and finalised product, according to a Q&A with the band in Kingston-upon-Thames with Banquet Records (here), keyboardist/vocalist Jordan Fish said we can probably expect something this year.

Whether this will be a deluxe edition of ‘amo’ with bonus tracks, stand alone singles, or even a new EP or album entirely will be confirmed as it develops.