NEWS: Bring Me The Horizon are teasing something called ‘Mantra’!

Credit: Promo

All things on the Bring Me The Horizon front have been quiet for a while now, but it seems like there’s finally some activity coming from the Sheffield metal group, starting off with an enigmatic billboard.

The billboard was spotted and shared by a fan which has spread a cross online. On the billboard it reads “Do you wanna start a cult with me?” along with one of the band’s logos in the top left and right corners, a suspected new logo in the bottom left and right corners and a contact number.

When you call the contact number on the billboard – 0800 888 6448 – it connects you through to a recorded spiritual service phone line, which has you waiting in a queue with periodic philosophies which gradually get more and more absurd. Please note that this number will only work within the UK.

Eventually you get through to a pre-recorded service advisor, who shortly gets cut off, and some cut up and distorted music starts playing, with a slight clear clip of music, which we can only assume at this stage to be a snippet of a brand new single, which may well be called ‘Mantra’.

There’s also mention of a website – – which when followed leads to a website headed with the aforemetnioned suspected new logo, and ends with the phrase “…all we tell you now is that you can be free. But first, we must piss you off. Salvation will return.”

This is then ended with the date August 21st, an expected release date for the assumed new single from the band, ‘Mantra’.

There are also speculations that Bring Me The Horizon may be performing as a secret band at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festival, which takes place the weekend following the aforementioned speculated release date.

More news surrounding what ‘Mantra’ actually is will be revealed in due course.