NEWS: Brendon Urie (Panic! At This Disco) confirms sixth album is done; expect one-off singles!

Our suspicions have been confirmed. It seems like Panic! At The Disco will more than likely be dropping their sixth album and follow-up to 2016’s #1 charting record ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ at some point this year. The band’s frontman (and currently the only full-time fixed member) Brendon Urie confirmed the news over a live Instagram video story earlier this week (January 20th 2018).

However, we should also expect some other songs being released from the band without any warning. Urie confirmed his intention to release a few one-off singles randomly here and there without any promotion, which – from what he implied – would be material that won’t feature on the record.

He cites Canadian R&B/hip-hop star Drake as an influence to the idea, having recently dropped two brand new songs out of the blue a few days ago.

A fan has ripped and uploaded the video segment in question where he mentions this, which you can watch below along with a quoted excerpt of Urie confirming both the new album’s completion and the intent to drop one-off singles out of the blue.

“Y’know what? Drake’s got a good plan. I think I want to start doing this.

Yeah, I have an album, but I also have way more songs apart from the album, so, I want to do some stuff with it. He just put two songs out randomly. Fuck it, I want to do that. You guys down with that if I just start rolling a couple of songs out here and there? I want them to see the light of day and there’s just so many.

I don’t like doing albums that are more than like 10/11 songs. It’s not my vibe, but if you’re into it – shit, I’m into it. I’m gonna do that.”

Further details surrounding future release plans from Panic! At The Disco will be confirmed as and when it develops.