NEWS: Brand New confirmed to release new (maybe final) album in 2016!

Despite ongoing speculation as to when we will finally hear a new album to follow-up 2009’s ‘Daisy’, it has now been confirmed that a new record from Brand New will see the light of day at some point this year. Procrastinate! Music Traitors released an email out to their mailing list earlier today, which states currently planned releases for the year, which includes “confirmed record releases for year 2016: Brand New”.

It is also largely speculated that this new record will also be the New York outfit’s final, especially following a rather emotional speech that frontman Jesse Lacey made at one of the band’s shows in October 2015, during which he stated that “this isn’t going to last much longer.”

You can check out what was mailed out by Procrastinate! Music Traitors to their mailing list confirming the expectation of the new album here.

More news surrounding the album will be confirmed as it develops over the coming months.

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