NEWS: Brand New begin cryptic ‘Know God’s Just Work’ countdown!

The latter half of August has arguably been one of the most turbulent for any avid Brand New fan. The band surprise released their long-awaited fifth (and supposedly final) album, ‘Science Fiction’, a solid headline tour, and they even managed to hit the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

However, it seems that their enigmatic reputation is far from over. A couple of days ago, a countdown started on a website called ‘Know God’s Just Work’ (here), which was initially posted on the band’s subreddit (here) by a user called ax20fb0a7.

The posts they’ve made have since been deleted, but, when decrypted, the username is code for a date, which is November 6th 2017. The numbers at the top of the page that alter have also been deciphered to be a countdown equalling 72 days, which is the amount of days between when the countdown began (August 26th 2017) to the same date of November 6th 2017.

To explain the code, when the countdown the code was 0.19726 / 2.36712 / 10.28571 / 72 / 1728 / 103680 / 6220800, which is the measurement amount leading to 72 days when each section of the coding is Years / Months / Weeks / Days / Hours / Minutes / Seconds.

The Google description for the website reads “[Remaining time on the countdown]. BRND \ NW. KNW \ GDS \ JST \ WRK.”

Different images have also been featured on the page of the site that reference to songs from the band’s back catalogue, which thus far has included the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park (‘At The Bottom’), sharks (‘Jaws Theme Swimming’), and a Molotov cocktail (‘Lit Me Up’).

Some of the more tech and computer savvy Reddit users on the subreddit have also located subdomains, directories, and more, including Morse Code, which all lead back to the date of November 6th 2017 when fully translated.

One of the subdomains also lead to the below image, which was taken by Thobias Fäldt – the same photographer responsible for the photo used for the cover of their new album, ‘Science Fiction’.

It may also be worth mentioning that the title being used for this cryptic countdown, ‘Know God’s Just Work’, was also used via the first post made on the first post made by the Instagram of the band’s own label, Procrastinate! Music Traitors (here), posted last April.

Though there’s been no official word from the band that this is legitimate (to be honest, why would they confirm and dampen the enigma?) or the work of a trolling fan, the theorists and code crackers have been doing all they can to try and decipher what this actually means since it came to light. Some fans have predicted there’ll be further music, a massive announcement, news of a box set of everything they’ve ever recorded and can still salvage, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

We’ll (maybe) find out what this is all about come November 6th 2017 if it’s not cracked by then, but until then, if you want to see what’s going on in more depth, you can find a lot more information via the Brand New subreddit post (here).