NEWS: Bowling For Soup team up with Hanson for ‘Where’s The Love?’!

Credit: Promo

Pop-punks Bowling For Soup have teamed up with pop trio Hanson for a cover of their 1997 hit single, ‘Where’s The Love?’.

Frontman Jaret Reddick had this to say about working with Hanson on the track.

“Taylor Hanson and I have been friends for a long while. So when when Chris threw the idea of ‘Where’s The Love?’ into our “cover songs to record” mix, I thought, “Never hurts to ask!” Those guys stay BUSY! The idea was for Taylor to sing the bridge. You can imagine our surprised when he sent it back with himself, Isaac and Zac all singing on the song! And WAY above and beyond what we had asked.

Our voices sound so cool together, and hearing them sing over the huge guitars is freakin’ amazing! I have high hopes for this one!”

You can check out ‘Where’s The Love?’ and its accompanying video below.