NEWS: Bowling For Soup share cover of ‘HRSA’ by Blue October!

Credit: Promo

Continuing on with their recent output of covers, pop-punk favourites Bowling For Soup have just released their take on the song ‘HRSA’ by fellow Texans, Blue October.

Along with the two bands being friends with one another, ‘HRSA’ in particular is a song that resonates deeply with frontman Jaret Reddick as he explains.

“Many of you know that a few years back, I developed my own mental issues. I experience my first panic attack. Then Anxiety. Then crippling anxiety. I went to my doctor. I went to counselling. Things got worse. I got on meds. I decided to leave this band. Still things got worse. Bring on the meds.

It took about 2.5 years of counselling, talking to my doctor, and trying different combinations of medications to become a fully functioning version of myself again. In that time, I almost lost my best friends, both in and out of the band. I gained a LOT of weight because I stopped moving and replaced activity with food and beer. But I made it. I made it out the other side. And here I am.

Now, I listen to this song as a completely different listener. Now, on some small level, I guess I relate to it more. Instead of curious, I am understanding. And even with that, I can’t imagine the degree of things that Justin (Furstenfeld, frontman of Blue October) has fought, conquered, and lived to tell his fans about. He writes books. He does story teller shows. And he does it in a way that is more honest and open that I think most of us would ever be comfortable doing.”

You can check out their take on ‘HRSA’ below.