NEWS: Booka Nile (Make Them Suffer) gets hitched on Married At First Sight: Australia!

Credit: Instagram (@mafs)

Make Them Suffer keyboardist/vocalist Booka Nile took part in the latest season of the reality TV series, Married At First Sight: Australia.

The premise of the show sees relationship experts pair up potential couples who meet for the very first time at the altar and get “married” (the marriages aren’t actually legally-binding) to see if a lasting relationship can be found.

On season 8, episode 2, Nile got married to Brett Helling in Hunter Valley, New South Wales. This is what she said about her involvement in the show via Instagram.

“Remember when I uprooted my life just over 4 years ago and quit my career to join a lil internationally touring metal band called Make Them Suffer? Well… plot twist I’m going on Married At First Sight to marry a total stranger. Touring for more than half the year, every year since 2017 had made meeting someone special a tad tricky and since I’ve been grounded at home thanks to a certain virus, have been banned from Tinder (LOL) and because I’m a bit crazy, this just feels like the perfect opportunity to throw myself into the deep end and do something wild and hope that whoever I’m matched with turns out to be a legend! Will they be able to handle my love of guttural vocals and breakdowns? Here’s bloody hoping!”

The current series isn’t expected to hit UK screens until 2022 (series 6 is being shown at the moment), but there’s an upload you can check out below – skip to the 35:04 mark if you only want to see Nile‘s wedding.