NEWS: Black Veil Brides split rumours denied by vocalist, Andy Biersack!

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There seems to be a bit of question mark hanging above Black Veil Brides at the moment. Whilst speaking on a recent and now deleted episode of the Another F’N Podcast, bassist Ashley Purdy strongly hinted that the band’s appearance at this summer’s Vans Warped Tour would also be their last.

During the chat on the podcast, as transcribed by the good folk over at Metal Injection, Purdy said the following.

“We start Thursday at Warped Tour in Pomona, and we are going to do eight dates through the southern California area, and that is where you are going to see Black Veil Brides for the last time ever in your entire lives. So, you better fucking go, because that’s gonna be it. You better see us before you don’t see us.”

Following the surprising news and reveal from Purdy, a fan enquired as to whether he had any solo plans at all.

“To be honest you guys already know that Andy Black is doing his fucking next thing so the rest of us are going to do something separate and easy. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Initially, vocalist Andy Biersack responded to the claims pretty quickly to Alt Press directly, and appeared himself to be a bit taken aback by Purdy‘s statement. An excerpt of his response reads as follows.

“This is the first I’ve heard of any ‘break up.’ As far as I know, there are no plans to end the band after Warped. Or, at least if there were, I was not made aware of them. We are in the early stages of work on a big 10 year retrospective release. And my personal focus as it relates to BVB are on that and these upcoming Warped Tour shows.”

Leading on from the above, Biersack has since come back earlier today (June 21st 2018) in an interview with Kerrang! to offer a bit more clarity on the situation, and some needed assurance to the fans towards the band’s foreseeable future.

“I’ve been told by everybody in the band that (the band splitting up) is not the case. Everyone in the band – all five members – have spoken this morning and we’re all on the same page and ready to do Warped Tour. I’m someone who has in my life has said and done things I didn’t maybe agree with – I’m yelling at people at awards shows and everything else – so who knows? I can’t speculate on what was going on or what was going through Ashley’s mind at the time or anything other than I know what I’ve been told and I know what the intention of the band is and that is we’re going to move forward. That’s the only thing I can say about it. Everything else is drama that the fans wind-up being the victims of. We made it clear to one another that we intend to move forward, but the speculation is still out there for the fans. I think my responsibility is to make sure everybody knows that if there was a plan to break up after Warped Tour, I was never aware of it and I have been told that is not the case.”

In the same interview with Kerrang!, Biersack also addressed Purdy‘s comments regarding the other members potentially doing some other project away from Black Veil Brides.

“I was told by several members of the band that everybody intends on doing a project, as to whether that’s together or not, that’s up to them to say publicly. I don’t want to comment on that. I know that Jake has a band with his wife, so he intends on moving forward with that. I don’t know if Jinxx and CC intend on being in a band with Ashley, but that’s really up to them. We’ve all made this career together and we’ve had this opportunity to have an audience to play this music for, so if they want to take advantage of that opportunity, then I believe we should. It’s encouraged. At the end of the day I’m just one member of the band and don’t have any say on how they control their lives or career – and I don’t want to. There’s been full transparency with me that they intended to do other projects but with Andy Black or Aelonia, there’s never been an issue with that.”

The band released their fifth full-length album, ‘Vale’, earlier this year through Lava Records/Republic Records.

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