NEWS: Black Peaks unveil new song, ‘King’!

Credit: Promo

Black Peaks have come out of a difficult and turbulent few months following vocalist Will Gardner‘s bout of sepsis to release a brand new song called ‘King’.

It’s the band’s first offering of new material since the release of last year’s sophomore full-length, ‘All That Divides’.

This is what Gardner had to say about the track.

“We had been working on a load of new song ideas, and this particular piece of music (which became ‘King’) was just a track that seemed to smoothly be completed really early on, musically at least if not vocally. Unfortunately this time coincided with myself getting very ill, making it pretty much impossible to do anything at all, let alone write, practice, record and sing, so the track stayed unfinished for ages.

However, we had a really, really amazing moment in July when everything just came together. I had this night when I couldn’t sleep and the chorus melody was just going round and round my head. I sat at my desk in the morning and the whole song just came out in one go, in like two hours of writing.

I called Joe (Gosney, guitarist) and he drove over immediately, excited and a bit bewildered that I was so hyped on apparently finishing the song, I gathered enough strength to sing it through and record it, and it was done! To have been able to create a piece of music in such a difficult time has been one of the most challenging but rewarding things I’ve ever done, and I’m so proud of what we as a band have made.”

You can stream and listen to ‘King’ below.

The band’s new single, ‘King’, will be released on September 20th 2019 through Rise Records/BMG.