NEWS: Black Foxxes cover ‘Lovesong’ by The Cure!

Credit: Promo

Exeter’s Black Foxxes may still be promoting their sophomore LP ‘Reiði’, but that hasn’t stopped them from recording and releasing their own chilling take of The Cure‘s ‘Lovesong’.

Their cover of the song comes with a video that sees the trio, featuring a string orchestra accompaniment, in a remote Cotswold mansion.

Vocalist/guitarist Mark Holley commented further on their cover of the track and its video.

“I found ‘Lovesong’ at a time when I needed it the most; it takes a lot for lyrics to stand out in a song for me, but I was genuinely floored. It was everything I’d wanted to get off my chest for months, captured in this three minute ‘Lovesong’. We knew we had a live session coming up, and I could hear that recurring motif being played by the string section straight away; as soon as I suggested it to the guys they were instantly on board. Truly one of my favourite songs of all time now.”

You can watch the video for their rendition of ‘Lovesong’ below.

The band’s sophomore studio album, ‘Reiði’, is out now via Search & Destroy Records.