NEWS: Biters sign to Earache Records!

Rock ‘n’ roll outfit Biters have signed a worldwide deal with Earache Records, who will handle the release of their upcoming record ‘Electric Blood’, out July 13th. The label’s Dan Tobin had this to say:

‘Biters have lit a fire under us here at Earache. Their brand of rock forces you to take part – its so immediate, accessible and exciting that the label had to get involved. Most of all, its completely believable – its makes you want to fight for this kind of music to be heard. There is a gang mentality with Biters that is very strong, and we are thrilled to join forces with them’.

The band’s leader Tuk explained Biters outlook; ‘Corporate pop culture and fairweather fads is just something I’m not interested in. I still choose to play rock ‘n’ roll, because I still believe in rock ‘n’ roll’.

Find out more about the band here.