NEWS: Biffy Clyro release signature guitar pedal, Booooom/Blast!

Credit: Promo

Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil has announced the band’s release of their very own guitar pedal, Booooom/Blast.

The Booooom/Blast distortion pedal has been created in collaboration with Neil‘s guitar tech, Richard Pratt, who already has his own line of guitar pedals under Gone Fishing Effects.

Biffy Clyro‘s line of pedals is limited to 200, and each pedal is signed and painted with a stripe from the artwork of their latest album, ‘A Celebration Of Endings’. They also come with a booklet and collectable plectrums.

Speaking of the release, Neil had this to say.

“It’s the pedal that I’ve been looking for most of my life. We’ve taken our time to ensure that it’s everything it can be. It’s been a real labour of love. Creating this pedal has made me miss playing live even more because I’m desperate to play shows with it. It’ll be a part of my set-up going forward and it’ll be on every recording.”

You can pre-order your pedal now from the band’s official webstore ahead of the official release on January 31st 2021.