NEWS: Best Ex debuts video for new single, ‘Gap Tooth (On My Mind)’!

Credit: Natalie Sparaccio

Indie-pop singer/songwriter Best Ex (aka Mariel Loveland) has just debuted a video for ‘Gap Tooth (On My Mind)’, the second single from her forthcoming ‘Good At Feeling Bad’ EP.

This is what Loveland had to say of the track.

“When I wrote it, I had been living on and off in England for the last few years with my then-boyfriend and his family. I started to realize over the course of our relationship that my life completely dissolved into his, which I think can happen when you’re dealing with a partner who’s suffering from depression. I had become so obsessed with caring for him and making him happy that one day, I woke up with an entirely different life in a foreign country. The future looked fantastic, so when he decided to dump me in a short phone call right before the holidays, it felt like someone had broken in and robbed me of my entire life in the middle of the night. I spent all of Christmas crying and the entire New Year’s begging my mom to come pick me up from my brother’s house. A few months later, I wrote this song.”

You can check out ‘Gap Tooth (On My Mind)’ and its video below.

Her new EP, ‘Good At Feeling Bad’, will be released on May 22nd 2020 via No Sleep Records/Alcopop! Records.

Pre-orders are expected to be made available soon.