NEWS: Bentley Park (kind of) return; release new ‘Good Grief’ EP for free download!

Back in 2015, British post-hardcore up-and-comers Bentley Park flew on over to The Big Apple to be working with producer Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada) on their new EP, and follow-up to their positively received debut EP, ‘Innocence’, which the guys put out in April 2014. Since they returned to the UK, bar a few shows here and there, they’ve remained silent, until now.

After some brief teaser clips that they were about to announce something, Bentley Park have now put out their new EP, ‘Good Grief’, and have made it available to download for free, with the option to pay-what-you-want if you fancy throwing some cash their way.

With it, the band have released a statement, shedding some light of clarity on the situations that lead to their ongoing silence and where they’ve been for the past couple of years.

“So, some sort of explanation is probably due…

In May of 2015 we flew to New York to record a brand new EP with the phenomenal Dan Korneff. In the time that followed we made progress, getting our new tracks tight for live shows as well as continuing to write more new material.

However, as time went on life intervened as it often does and gradually stalled our progress. Since then, Oscar has moved to Norway, Edd and James have created Mangata Collective, and Tom is starting a new musical project. Iain meanwhile has been tirelessly building Black Valve studio from the ground up.

Disaster struck recently when the studio was broken into and burgled, with over £50k worth of equipment being stolen. Much of this was Iain’s but a lot of it belonged to other recording artists, studio employees and a fair amount of it belonged to Bentley Park.

This tragedy has derailed Iain’s ambitions, forcing the studio to close and putting a number of bands into financial turmoil. We decided now is as good time as any to release what we created into the public domain.

Good Grief is now available at

If you can spare a small donation, we would be forever grateful, as any funds raised will put towards replacing stolen items and building a new studio.

BP x”

As such, you can stream/download the new ‘Good Grief’ EP in full now via the band’s official BandCamp page, and we’ve also shoved an embed of it for you below.

Any further news surrounding Bentley Park‘s future plans and activities will be confirmed when and if they develop.