NEWS: Bellevue Days share video for new song, ‘Freakin’ Out’!

Credit: Andy Clifton

Croydon up-and-comers Bellevue Days have just released a new song called ‘Freakin’ Out’, the lead single to come from the band’s forthcoming debut album, ‘It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever’.

The song comes with an accompanying video (directed by Richard Heslop), and this is what frontman Alan Smith had to say about it.

“We wanted something a bit freaky, which is something Richard managed to capture perfectly. He really gets into it, to the point where we almost had a snow machine! Luckily we captured everything we needed to without it.

‘Freakin’ Out’ is mainly about depression—a kind of depression that keeps you up all night and makes you question everything. I’ve had some people close to me deal with addiction and depression, and it’s hard for everyone involved. We were listening to a bit of Demob Happy at the time, that kind of inspired the chorus. Also we’ve always loved ourselves a cheeky bit of Manchester Orchestra.”

You can stream and check out the video for ‘Freakin’ Out’ below.

The band’s debut studio album, ‘It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever’, will be released later this year.