NEWS: Being As An Ocean performance features in French film, A Taste Of Ink!

On November 13th 2015 in Paris, a tragic series of terrorist attacks took place across the city, resulting in the death of 130 citizens, 89 of which were during an attack that took place at the music venue the Bataclan theatre during a performance by Eagles Of Death Metal that evening.

The news of the attacks shook the world, including the world of the arts, especially due to such atrocious acts taking place at a concert; a place that many music fans and concertgoers deem a safe space from the normal going ons of every day life.

A few days following the Paris attacks, Californian post-hardcore outfit Being As An Ocean played a show in Bordeaux, a time and place that band felt was to stand united and strong. This is where the performance of their track ‘This Loneliness Won’t Be The Death Of Me’ was recorded, and used for a music video that features on a new French film, A Taste Of Ink (the original title is Compte Tes Blessures, which translates as Count Your Injuries), directed by Morgan Simon.

You can stream and watch the video of their performance for ‘This Loneliness Won’t Be The Death Of Me’, dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the 2015 terrorist attacks on Paris, in the film below:

Regarding the atmosphere and how everyone was feeling at that time, guitarist Tyler Ross recalls, “Everyone was kind of freaked out, wondering if we were going to play the show, wondering if we should play the show—if it was safe. People were thinking about personally not going to Paris just out of safety. Ultimately, the only person who left was our old drummer Connor [Denis]. He actually quit the tour and just went home after that, so you can see him playing at that Bordeaux show, but he flew out right after that and we had Joe [Longobardi] from Defeater play drums for us.

This music scene helps people pull together after events like that. I remember every show around Europe after we heard about the Bataclan attacks was in total solidarity with Paris and the Parisian music scene. We would have a moment of silence at every show and it was all anyone could think about. When you’re in a scene, you’re all the same. You’re music lovers, showgoers. And I think that pulls down all the barriers between people and just makes your heart go out to them. People still came out to the show in Paris, I think specifically to say, ‘No, we won’t be terrorized. We won’t live in fear.'”

You can find out more about the film A Taste Of Ink via IMDb (here).

The song, ‘This Loneliness Won’t Be The Death Of Me’, features on the band’s 2012 debut album, ‘Dear G-d…’, available now through InVogue Records.