NEWS: badXchannels adds new member, Trent Clark (RadioDriveBy)!

Credit: Promo

Initially started up as a solo project for Craig Owens, best known as the frontman for now defunct acts Chiodos and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, the Michigan singer/songwriter has now enlisted another member to badXchannels.

Owens has enlisted his friend and fellow musician Trent Clark (formerly of RadioDriveBy) to join him in badXchannels, which dabbles on the experimental side of rhythm-based alternative music.

Speaking on bringing Clark into the fold, Owens shares, “Trent’s a close friend, who’s been on a similar path in life. We spend our days trying to make sense of it all, and when making music it kind of all becomes one thing. The collaboration allows for a focus of purity and expression when creating. It’s nice to be able to let go of control, it’s exciting, and makes me want to make music again.”

Trent also added, “The meeting of our minds was such an organic experience, and I think that lends itself to the music we’ve been making. I had played a show with Craig a while back, and he asked if I’d ever be interested in doing some writing together. From there we just started jamming out on a pretty consistent basis, and then *boom* here we are now! It’s been a great ride so far. The universe has a funny way of putting you in the right place, at the right times.”

Now confirmed as a duo outfit, badXchannels have unveiled a brand new video and song in ‘Memory’ to coincide with the announcement, which you can check out below.

More news surrounding forthcoming releases from the newly evolved two-piece, and a follow-up to their debut EP ‘WHYDFML’ will be confirmed as it develops.