NEWS: Avenged Sevenfold will not attend 2018 GRAMMYs in protest!

Despite being nominated for the Best Rock Song award for ‘The Stage’ at this year’s GRAMMY Awards, which is being held this Sunday (January 28th 2018) at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Californian metal outfit Avenged Sevenfold have said they will skip attendance in protest.

The band’s reasoning for choosing not to attend the event is due to how the event has decided to handle their coverage of the rock and metal award categories, as their award will not be televised, and ultimately means that the result is rock and metal artists will not get the same promotion and celebration as many other celebrated genres of music.

The band tweeted about their decision to not attend the GRAMMYs, which you can read below.

This isn’t the first time that the band have commented on how much they dislike the way that the GRAMMYs tweet and cover the rock and metal talent and community.

In an article with Billboard that was published last year, shortly after receiving their nomination for the award, frontman M. Shadows shared, “I’ve said the Grammys messed up metal because it’s not on TV. What I’m saying is when you’re in a metal category it’s not televised and it doesn’t move the needle forward for metal artists, and I wish they had more respect for the genre. So we’re actually really excited to be in the rock category.”

Other rock and metal acts who have been nominated for an award at this year’s GRAMMYs includes Metallica, Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Code Orange, August Burns Red, Mastodon, and Meshuggah.