NEWS: Austin Carlile (ex-Of Mice & Men); “The newest next chapter is coming.”!

If you’ve been following Of Mice & Men and/or their ex-frontman Austin Carlile at all for the past couple of years, you’ll no doubt be well aware of his ongoing health issues that have resulted in him stepping down from the band in 2016.

Carlile suffers from a chronic condition called Marfan syndrome (often shortened to simply MFS), which is a genetic disorder of the connective tissue.

His complications and battles with MFS are well-documented, and have caused a lot of suffering and setbacks for Carlile, including multiple treatments and operations.

More recently, Carlile was hospitalised for cerebrospinal fluid leak which he was being treated for at Stanford University Hospital, and has since recovered from (you can read about that here).

This news came very shortly after he said to his fans on Instagram that his new musical venture is not that far away.

Well, he’s provided more teasing that something new up his sleeve could be very close indeed by posting an Instagram story with a handful of gifs of his time performing in Of Mice & Men with an ongoing message that reads “It’s… not… over… yet. The newest next chapter is coming.”

Some fans have speculated that this is Carlile hinting at a return to his former bandmates within Of Mice & Men to resume his role once more as their frontman, but we’re pretty confident it’s more likely going to be a completely new project.

However, whether that’s a new band or a solo effort from Carlile is yet to be seen, and something that only time will tell at this point.

More news surrounding Austin Carlile‘s return to music will be confirmed as it develops.

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