NEWS: Austin Carlile (ex-Of Mice & Men) offers health update; plans to perform again in summer 2017!

After a bit of a heated few weeks at the beginning of the year following his departure from Of Mice & Men, of which mainly consisted of reasons behind his leaving of the band not only being health related, the band’s former frontman Austin Carlile has made an update on his ongoing treatment for Marfan Syndrome.

Carlile made a short statement regarding his health via Instagram, in which he also confirmed that he’ll be performing music live again as soon as this summer. In what capacity that will be is yet to be confirmed, whether this be under a solo guise or performing alongside another band, but Carlile explains that he is “excited to share more”.

You can find the Instagram post with the accompanying statement below:

Today's view: Been inactive on Instagram (my "Facebook" is fake) lately because I have actually been inactive. Recently started another (hopefully final) spinal treatment here in Costa Rica. This procedure is 1x a week for 2-3 months… each week a series of 12-24 shot injections into my spinal chord, muscle, & ligaments from my legs, up to hips, then, low and middle back, to repair all my ligaments in the area, plus weekly IV'S to go with it! My team recently discovered that the ligaments in my body are deteriorating faster than expected and this has been a root of some of my problems and a lot of my PAIN. So I'm taking this next #MarfanSyndromeTreatment head on! Will be a rough few weeks ahead but I have faith! God give me strength and lets go! ??? I will be overcoming and recovering from this before seeing some of you THIS Summer! ☺? /// Living with #MarfanSyndrome is tough, but we are stronger… "Marfans means dealing with constant daily pain, people dealing with it must have a full reserve of strength" -Melissa Hormanski ?❤ I love you guys!!! And thank you for the support as always and I'm sorry I haven't been able to reach out to you all lately, excited to share more about this Summer though! ? ❤ Un agradecimiento especial a todos en Costa Rica que me ayudan ORAN por mí el vendrá pronto! Dios bendiga! ??? @themarfanfoundation @marfansyndromeawareness #MarfanSyndromeAwareness

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Carlile stepped down from Of Mice & Men in December 2016, due to ongoing issues with his health and complication with Marfan Syndrome.

In February, it was revealed in an exchange of comments and conversations over social between Carlile and his fans, along with some members of Of Mice & Men, that he also parted ways with the group due to creative control, with Carlile citing that the other members weren’t going to allow him to write about what he wanted on the follow-up to their latest record, ‘Cold World’.

Before founding Of Mice & Men back in 2009, Carlile was the original frontman for the now defunct metalcore outfit, Attack Attack!.