NEWS: Austin Carlile (ex-Of Mice & Men) opens up in ‘White Chair’ documentary!

Credit: I Am Second

Anyone who has any knowledge of the past tribulations of Austin Carlile, former frontman for Of Mice & Men, will be well aware of his struggles throughout his life which are well-documented.

Carlile has suffered from Marfan syndrome for almost all of his life, which has caused him ongoing health complication, and also resulted in him stepping down from the band he founded to focus on his recovery.

Now, in a recent and emotional short documentary with religious non-profit organisation I Am Second, which they call a ‘White Chair Documentary’, the former vocalist opens up on many of his hardships, including the passing of his mother, the continuing battle with his genetic disorder, and leaving Of Mice & Men.

You can check it out below.

Though he’s kept details pretty secret, Austin Carlile has said on a number of occasions since stepping down from Of Mice & Men that he intends to return to music at some point.

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