NEWS: Austin Carlile claims he left Of Mice & Men due to creative control!

Credit: Promo

Back on December 30th 2016, now former Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile announced his exit from the metalcore outfit, claiming the reasons for his departure rested on his ongoing health complications, suffering from Marfan syndrome for a large portion of his life.

Now, Carlile has explained in some recent interactions on social media that another reason in his decision to part ways with the group was due to creative control, and being provided a lack of that for what would eventually be the band’s next and fifth overall record following last year’s output, ‘Cold World’.

You can read a series out tweets from Carlile below, which seem to be cryptically aimed towards at least one member of his former band, suspected to be bassist/vocalist Aaron Pauley due to unfollowing him on Twitter just two days after his departure:

Carlile also had an exchange with two fans over his Instagram account also related to his departure and allegedly being stifled of creative control, stating that “they weren’t going to let me write what I wanted on next record.” You can check them out below:

Since Carlile‘s above interactions were posted online and shared with his fans, Of Mice & Men guitarist Alan Ashby has made some input on the situation from the band’s side, stating that the ex-frontman always had his choice of influence within his lyrical content.

At the time of writing, no other band member or representative has made any further comment on the situation.

The band’s latest album, and final one to feature ex-vocalist Austin Carlile, ‘Cold World’, is available now through Rise Records.