NEWS: Attila issue statement on departure of drummer, Sean Heenan!

Having announced his departure from Atlanta, Georgia based metalcore outfit Attila earlier this month, a lot of questions were raised from the fans seeking further clarity on the reasons behind drummer Sean Heenan‘s removal from the band.

The band have now issued a statement of their own, to provide their side of the decision to have Heenan step down from the group, citing that this mainly revolved around the band feeling it was “time to make a change to improve our rhythm section.”

You can read their statement in full below:

“Due to some questions that have arisen online, we felt the need to address things regarding the departure of our drummer Sean.

First things first: Sean is a great friend of ours. There were no personal disputes or personality issues between anyone in the band and Sean. Sure, there were occasional disagreements, but nothing different than what happens between you and your close friends. We love Sean and he is a kind soul with great intentions.

However, we as a band take great pride in our live performance and drums are the most ESSENTIAL part of the mix and we felt it was time to make a change to improve our rhythm section.

Because we owe it to our fans to be nothing short of the best.

For those who are concerned, we promise that we will be better than ever from this day forward, and we assure you that our new drummer will handle things just fine.

Sean was never a contributing writer in the band, so NOTHING will be changing musically, except for the fact that our live performances will be unstoppable.


Those who wish to hear Heenan‘s side of the story can do so via his statement (here).

At the time of writing, there’s currently no word from the band on an official replacement to take Heenan‘s spot behind the kit.

The band’s latest album, ‘Chaos’, is available now through SharpTone Records.

You can purchase it online now via MerchNow (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

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