NEWS: Attila confirm mini-documentary and new song, ‘Callout 2’!

Throughout their 14 years together thus far, few bands have polarised opinions and been equally loathed as they are loved as Atlanta based metalcore mob Attila have been. With seven full-length albums under their belt with an eighth following-up 2016’s ‘Chaos’ expected to be incoming, there’s certainly a lot to tell.

Well, the band have confirmed that they’ll soon be sharing a more in-depth look at their history as a band, from their early beginnings right until present day, in the form of a mini-documentary video.

Attila confirmed the news of the mini-documentary via Twitter, and you can read the tweet that they sent out below.

“Tonight we are filming a mini-documentary. We are thankful to have such amazing & loyal fans, we feel like we owe it to you guys to give you an in-depth history of our band. A lot of people don’t realize we’ve been around for 14 years. You deserve to know our story.”

The band’s forthcoming seventh album is expected to drop very soon. The four-piece had been working in the studio with From First To Last guitarist/vocalist and producer Matt Good, and they’ve also shared footage of them working in the studio, including news of a follow-up to their 2013 track, ‘Callout’.

Along with this, we can also expect to be hearing some brand new tunes from Attila very soon. On her personal Instagram video story, popular WWE star Paige shared footage of the band working on a video shoot for a new song, which may well be the aforementioned ‘Callout 2’.

More details surrounding future projects and releases from Attila will be confirmed as it develops.