NEWS: As It Is complete ‘The Great Depression: Reimagined’ release!

Credit: Promo

After splitting up segments of their latest record ‘The Great Depression’ into reworked quarters of tracks, pop-rockers As It Is have now released the fourth and final instalment of the project.

Titled ‘Acceptance: Reimagined’, the fourth EP collection completes the ‘The Great Depression: Reimagined’ album.

Each of the four EPs to form the release – ‘Denial’, ‘Anger’, ‘Bargaining’, ‘Acceptance’ – come with their own respective artwork, which come together to form one whole piece of artwork.

You can check out the completed ‘The Great Depression: Reimagined’ album artwork and track listing below.

01.) The Great Depression (Reimagined)
02.) The Wounded World (Reimagined)
03.) The Fire, The Dark (Reimagined)
04.) The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry) (Reimagined)
05.) The Handwritten Letter (Reimagined)
06.) The Question, The Answer (Reimagined)
07.) The Reaper (Reimagined)
08.) The Two Tongues (Reimagined)
09.) The Truth I’ll Never Tell (Reimagined)
10.) The Haunting (Reimagined)
11.) The Hurt, The Hope (Reimagined)
12.) The End. (Reimagined)

You can download and/or stream the album online through the band’s official webstore (here), Spotify (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here) and Google Play (here).