NEWS: Artery Recordings drop Slaves following allegations against Jonny Craig!

Despite having only just announced the release of their third full-length album ‘Beautiful Death’, which had already been pushed back from September due to label complications, it appears that Sacramento based post-hardcore collective Slaves are facing further issues having just been dropped by their label, Artery Recordings.

The news of the band being let go from the label’s roster came earlier today, via a tweet issued out from their official account.

You can read the tweet made by Artery Recordings confirming their decision to drop Slaves below.

At the time of writing, though the news is still fresh, pre-orders are still up and available for ‘Beautiful Death’, which we reported news on earlier today (here), though it’s currently uncertain as to whether or not there’ll be further set backs or other complications surrounding its release, especially as Artery Recordings were acquired by Warner Bros. Records earlier this year.

This news comes following a series of allegations of varying assault and abuse made against vocalist Jonny Craig having come to light online in recent days.

A tweet was posted by one of Craig‘s former partners, Amanda, on Sunday (November 12th 2017), which contains screenshots of tweets exchanged in 2013 between both Craig and an anonymous woman known only by the username tiger lily as per the interactions.

In said screenshots, the anonymous woman alleges that Craig requested sexually explicit photos from her when she was aged 16 and he was aged 27.

Amanda‘s tweet containing the aforementioned screenshot conversation can be read below.

Following the posting of this tweet, which soon began to circulate on both Twitter and Facebook, two more of Craig‘s ex-partners also came forward sharing stories of their past relationships with the vocalist, and describing scenarios that they had where he was aggressive and abusive.

One of which alleges that Craig had once “choked” her “against the wall” after refusing to have sex with him. Some of her tweets are detailed below.

Another, Chelsea, also shared graphic details of alleged scenarios that had occurred.

At the time of writing, Craig has not directly responded to any of the allegations that have been made against him, nor has he, the band, or any other affiliated contact responded to the news of them being dropped by Artery Recordings.

More news surrounding this will be confirmed as it develops.

For those who are currently facing or are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

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