NEWS: Architects are teasing… something?!

Credit: Promo

UPDATE – September 10th @ 4:03PM: Though merely a rumour at this time, a handful of sites (one of which can be found here) are reporting that following a check on media identifying service Shazam that this is a new single, titled ‘Hereafter’.

We’ll provide a more viable source when/if we obtain one.

Brighton technical metalcore outfit Architects are putting the hearts and minds of their fans through their paces with something super cryptic and mysterious.

Earlier today the band have updated their website with a enigmatic audio and visual teaser which, when played, shows some weird patterns and shapes in black, white and grey.

The audio also begins with a section from the song ‘Momento Mori’, the closing track from their last album, ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’, hinting this may be a continuation of that song, or indicating this is the next chapter.

What’s more, without offering anything further, the band are simply promoting this on their socials with nothing more than a link to the website.

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain as to what this could mean. Could it be new material? A tour announcement?

You can head on over to the website (here) to check it out for yourselves and make your own suspicions.