NEWS: Anthrax sued over ‘Ugly Hanukkah’ sweater design!

Thrash metal legends Anthrax have been hit with a $1 million lawsuit over their ‘ugly hanukkah sweaters’. Detroit artist Aaron Cummins has made claims that he created the original design in 2012 and filed copyright papers in 2013. He has claimed to be selling the product through his company West House:

Anthrax launched the product through, who are also being sued.

Frankie Blyndenburgh, a Minnesota buyer for Rockabillia, has been quoted saying; ‘This is the first I’ve heard that there’s any issue with it. It’s up to the merchandising companies we buy from to get the items cleared and make sure there’s no copyright issues’.

Blyndeburgh has suggested Rockabillia had bought the sweater from a company called Global Merchandising Services, who are a defendant in the Detroit lawsuit. The company has supposedly been banned from marketing, selling or manufacturing the sweater from now and are advised to be paying costs and any unsold inventory to Cummins.

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