NEWS: Animals As Leaders detail new LP ‘The Madness Of Many’, out November 11th 2016!

Instrumental maestros and prog-metal trio Animals As Leaders have detailed the forthcoming release of their fourth full length album ‘The Madness Of Many’.

The record is slated for a November 11th release via Sumerian Records, and below you can find the artwork, tracklist and a brief statement from main-man and guitar wizard Tosin Abasi:

01.) Arithmophobia
02.) Ectogenesis
03.) Cognitive Contortions
04.) Inner Assassins
05.) Private Visions Of The World
06.) Backpfeifengesicht
07.) Transcentience
08.) The Glass Bridge
09.) The Brain Dance
10.) Aepirophobia

Tosin Abasi; ‘This album feels like total synergy between the three of us. None of this music would have turned out the same way without the equal inclusion of all of our musical ideas and that feel special. We’re beyond thrilled with the result’.