NEWS: Aliases announce new album ‘Derangeable’, out April 15th!

UK tech metal outfit Aliases have today announced more information surrounding the release of their new sophomore record. Titled ‘Derangeable’, the album will be released through Basick Records on April 15th. Founded by SiKth guitarist Pin and fellow axe slinger Leah Woodward, the band’s last creative output came in the form of their debut ‘Safer Than Reality’, which was released back in 2011:

Discussing moving their sound on to the next level, Leah Woodward explains; ‘We’d like to give a huge shout out to our incredible and patient fans, a thank you to everyone who has pledged to make ‘Derangeable’ more than just a dream. It’s never easy to explain how you feel about finally unleashing a new album upon the world.

Having worked with the best people imaginable to create something we’re so proud to showcase, there aren’t many words capable of doing it justice. To anyone about to listen to these new tracks, I hope you brought spare pants. Aliases will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences pre or post listening.

We can only hope you love these new tracks as much as we do. If you do then we’re your new favourite band. We love you too!’.