NEWS: Alex Varkatzas (ex-Atreyu) teases new band, Dead Icarus!

Alex Varkatzas, co-founder and former vocalist for Atreyu, has started to tease a new band called Dead Icarus.

Varkatzas posted a short video on his Instagram account about the project, offering very few details other than that we can expect something to come soon and that the band will be signed with Modern Empire Music, which was formerly known as Stay Sick Recordings.

Varkatzas parted ways with Atreyu in September 2020, and around this time he expressed his intent to start a heavier band, citing “Blood Has Been Shed, meets a little In Flames, with a bit of the old Lamb Of freaking God thrown in on top” as what he’s aiming for.

In 2011 during Atreyu‘s hiatus, Varkatzas also formed a hardcore side-project with Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through) called I Am War, though this has been inactive for several years.

More details surrounding Dead Icarus will be confirmed as it develops.

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