NEWS: Alex Lyman (Slaves guitarist) reportedly stabbed by a convicted felon!

Alex Lyman, guitarist for Californian outfit Slaves, was recently stabbed in his side, which resulted in a four-inch cut, two inches deep, and roughly a centimeter from his spleen. “There was no confrontation and nothing was done to provoke this. It was spilt because I’m a ‘faggot in skinny jeans'”, Lyman claims in an Instagram post he made shortly after the incident. You can see the original Instragram post with Lyman‘s full statement below:

You can also read a comment from frontman Jonny Craig that he tweeted below:

The perpetrator is reportedly a convicted felon, and was originally charged with felonious assault. However, after further investigation by the police, the case has now been labeled as a hate crime. The offender, Timothy Brownell, was released on bail before the charges were altered. There is now a warrant out for his arrest.

We at DEAD PRESS! wish Alex Lyman, along with Blake and Bradley Abbey (who were with Lyman when the crime took place and were also injured) a speedy recovery.

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