NEWS: Alazka break up!

Credit: Promo

After eight years together, German post-hardcore/metalcore outfit Alazka have announced that they have decided to break up and call it a day.

The band confirmed the news via a statement issued on their socials, which you can read below.

“One day or another all good things must come to end. And as hard as it is to write these words, here we are announcing the end of ALAZKA – an absolutely incredible chapter of our lives and the wildest journey we could have never imagined when we started this band over 8 years ago. But over time perspectives and people change and the time comes to move on to new challenges. All the countless memories and friends we’ve made along the way will never been forgotten. We will forever be grateful for the loveliest fans we could have asked for and last but not least the incredible team of people that have always had our back in the good and the bad days.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every single one of you. We will miss you all.

“Be the phoenix rising from the ashes.”

With love,

Tobias, Marvin, Julian & Lotze”

Formed in 2012, the band were originally named Burning Down Alaska during which time they released an EP called ‘Values ​​& Virtues’ in 2015.

The band later opted for a name change to Alazka in 2017, and later that same year signed to SharpTone Records through which they released their debut and only full-length album, ‘Phoenix’.