NEWS: Adelphia decide to call it a day!

After being on the scene for around three years, Nottingham based pop-rockers Adelphia have regrettably announced that they have decided to part ways and call it a day, citing this decision down to “creative differences”. The band will, however, go ahead and perform all of their forthcoming shows that have already been scheduled and confirmed, performing their last gig together as a band at this year’s Macmillan Festival.

You can read the full statement posted by the band below:

“Adelphia 2013-2016

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to call Adelphia a day and individually move onto different projects due to creative differences.

Respectfully, we will still be playing all the shows we have booked in the UK but unfortunately we cannot financially support doing the Europe dates.

The remaining shows we have booked are as follows:
02/07 – Frog fest – Worksop
20/07 – Normandie support – Manchester
23/07 – Normandie support – Cheltenham
27/08 – Anchored to the sound festival – Plymouth
03/09 – Macmillan festival – Nottingham (Our last hometown show)
04/09 – Fort fest – Bedfordshire
24/09 – Macmillan festival – Bristol (last show)

We have achieved so much together in the past 3 years and couldn’t be more grateful to the people who helped us and supported us throughout, we’d like to give a quick shout out to a few:

Kris Davis- the first Promotor to look after us and help us establish a name for ourselves in our hometown. You have been supportive as a booking agent and a good friend. Thank you for everything!

Amy Lawson- for supporting us closely and making one of our dreams come true (we have those tattoo’s for life in memory) thank you for helping dreams come to life!

James Illsley- our first and only manager who helped us play around the uk with some amazing bands and meet a lot of amazing people that we now call friends.
Thank you for putting up with us and pushing us forward!

Ashley Green- you were with us pretty much from day 1 and documented our journey. We have endless amounts of memories and catchphrases together, thank you for being a good friend and a slick media boss!

Josh Darko- you’ve basically been a part of the band and been involved with nearly every tour/show we have done in the last year or so. We class you as part of the family and I’m sure we will continue to see each other regardless of future projects! Thank you for always being cool and managing to fit in any tight space to grab the best possible photos of us!

Steve Wade- yes mate! without you we wouldn’t have been able to do half of the stuff we managed to pull off over the last year or so! You’ve been a road-dog, a friend, a chef and a general legend ever since we met. Thank you!

Jordan Wood- although you departed from the band earlier this year to start a family, you’re still a founding member of the band and we achieved a lot of great things during your time with us, thank you for all the good times!

And finally but most importantly, thank you to everyone who has supported Adelphia!

We wouldn’t have been a band for this long if it wasn’t for your continued support and encouragement, we are grateful for every show you came to, every piece of music you downloaded, every nice message/photo/artwork that you guys sent to us.

There’s really no way to put into words how much that means to us and we hope you join each of us in our different journeys into the future.

Thank you all,
Rik, Nick, Jordan, Will & Conor”