NEWS: Adam Carroll (Zoax, Time Is A Thief) launches new project, The Gore Club!

Credit: 'Roses All The Way' - Zoax video still

Adam Carroll, former frontman for Zoax and Time Is A Thief, has unveiled his new musical venture, The Gore Club.

Inspired by trip-hop and horror movie soundtracks, this will no doubt be of many interest to fans of Carroll‘s work. This is what he had to say about the inspiration for the new project.

“This project came to life at the beginning of 2018. While living in Canada, I decided to start writing tracks that were influenced from my love of the horror and giallo movie genre. It wasn’t long until we went into a studio to take on the project ourselves and keep it as DIY as possible. The result is a bunch of tracks that we have created, and can personally say that we are extremely proud of. We have written, performed, and produced this project.

Welcome to The Gore Club.”

Along with announcing the birth of the project, they have also released their debut song, ‘Sinners’, which you can check out below.

At the moment that’s that there is to know about The Gore Club, but more details will be confirmed about new music and happenings as it develops.