NEWS: A Day To Remember state ‘You’re Welcome’ is their “happiest record”!

Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

Last week, A Day To Remember made everyone aware that they’re ready to claim the world again with the release of a new single, ‘Degenerates’, and announcing their seventh album, ‘You’re Welcome’.

Though details on the record are a little thin (you can read what we do know at the time of writing here), a number of fans are speculating what it’s going to sound like off the back of its aforementioned lead single, which is easily one of their most pop-punk releases in recent years.

Whilst at Reading Festival in an interview with Andrew Trendell of NME, vocalist Jeremy McKinnon gave a tip on what to expect, stating that ‘You’re Welcome’ is unquestionably the “happiest record” of their careers to date.

“The mood in the camp I would say positive, and I think that shows in the songs too. It kind of feels like a happier record than we’ve wrote in a minute, or ever. It’s definitely the happiest record that we’ve wrote to date, which is exciting for me, and the name of the game this time was collaboration; get in a room together, get in a room with other people that inspire us and let’s see what comes out.”

Of course, the Ocala outfit are known for their breakdowns and their heavier cuts too, and despite reservations from fans, McKinnon has assured fans that it’ll have a mix like their other records.

“In one of the songs we go even more in the hardcore direction, more influenced by real deal hardcore bands that are more modern on some tracks, we did one with Will Putney… there’s songs that have more of a modern metal influence, and then it goes all over the place. There’s some that are influenced by something like Tom Petty. It’s just everywhere like every A Day To Remember record.”

You can check out the full interview below.

The band’s seventh studio album, ‘You’re Welcome’, is out on November 15th 2019 through Fueled By Ramen/Parlophone Records.